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View Thread: Using Windows 98 in a Virtual PC
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    Shining Arcanine

    I have been playing with virtualization software (VMWare Player) the past few days and I decided to try installing Windows 98 for fun. This is the original edition and not the second edition because I do not own a copy of the second edition.


    Anyway, I managed to install it without issues, but its GUI felt less responsive than it was on my Pentium II PC ten years ago, so I tried installing VMWare Tools, which are supposed to support Windows 98, but would not install, for a multitude of reasons. The first was that Windows 98 thought that the installation CD was an audio disc. After resolving that, the setup.exe file would cause an exception, so I tried running the msi file directly, only to find that Windows Installer did not exist. Then I installed Windows Installer and ran the msi file to be greeted by an error message regarding a missing dll. I reran it with logging enabled and dug though the logs. Googling the error codes, I discovered that installing Internet Explorer 6 would some times resolve the issue for certain applications, so I installed it and received a slightly different set of error codes, which point to some sort of issue with the Windows Script Host, which I assume is either not present or horribly outdated compared to the last version Microsoft published for Windows 98.


    Windows Script Host 5.6 is the latest version avaliable for Windows 98, being the last Microsoft published for that operating system, but it seems to have disappeared off the internet. Does anyone know if it is still avaliable from some sort of mirror?