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ASP.NET 2.0 quirks.

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    After messing around a whole lot with beta 1 and the CTP i hit an issue (well an issue for me at least) that i'd want to see addressed in some way and i hope it's not too late.

    I put it up as a suggestion in the VS2005 feedback thingamajig and you can see it here.

    The thing is that the new controls (Login control for example), are great and i was pretty excited to see that they had template support, so i though "ooh goody, now i can use these great controls and save me some code and just edit the HTML these controls output in case i don't like it!". Well my excitement died when i saw this silly mechanism of wrapping the control inside a table, even if i had specified my own template!

    Why does it have to be this way?!? I think it is done on purpose to make the control "designer friendly" with the VS designer but outputting this wrapper table sort of nullifies the templating support for me (i don't want tables where they aren't needed thank you very much). So i put up this suggestion at the VS2005 feedback page to give us some sort of switch or additional tags to get rid of this wrapping behaviour. Since it also doesn't seem to be getting any attention i decided to post it here in hope that some of you might agree with me and bump it up a little Smiley

    Also, i understand if this is too late to be fixed (since Beta 2 is right around the corner) but there's always hope right?

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    I have not tested it myself, but from what you said, I agree!

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    Just make a class that inherits the login control and overrides the Render() method and return your own XHTML

    Oh, and I'd like to say that whilst the ASP.Net team say that "all controls are now XHTML compliant", they're not "semantically compliant" nor match the WCAG.


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