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W7 and Visual Studio 2008 Like Oil and Water

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    Now that I've committed one partition on one machine to W7, I find I am unable to use Visual Studio 2008.  The Internets (cf. Our Former President)) show people discussing this matter with early builds of W7 back last winter and spring.  On my machine, at first Visual Studio 2008 had trouble running MT.EXE.  So, I inadvisedly deinstalled Visual Studio 2008.  All attempts to reinstall under W7 were thwarted with an error code 2908.  This is accompanied by a derogation of the "package" that I am trying to install.  I proved that wrong by successfully installing the package under both Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP.  One the one hand Microsoft marketing wants people to migrate to W7.  On the other Microsoft slaps people hard who do.  Paid support over at Dell referred me to Microsoft technical "support" who advises that "support" won't be available for W7 until October 20, 2009, or thereabouts.  Should I swear off W7 permanently or will Microsoft explain why their premiere compiler suite doesn't work properly on the latest in operating systems?  Just asking.  No harm intended to the jobs of people at Microsoft or the corporate entity itself.

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    Mine's working fine.

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    SlackmasterK said:

    Mine's working fine.

    Same here, working great. I've been using Win 7 since beta and my dev machine (x86 laptop) has Win7 (currently RC) with VS 2008 TFS.

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    keeron said:
    SlackmasterK said:

    Same here, working great. I've been using Win 7 since beta and my dev machine (x86 laptop) has Win7 (currently RC) with VS 2008 TFS.

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    I have been using Win7 RC (x86) and VS2008 pro since Win7 RC came out.

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    Not to sound like everyone else, but it's been working for me since the public Beta (running RC now). I can't say that I have tried to generate any signed assemblies though, so I don't know if mt.exe works for me or not.

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    perhaps you could provide more information?


    for example:


    what version of 7 (home,pro, busines ??)

    how was it installed ?  upgrade from prior os or clean install?

    if upgrade was vs 2008 already on the system?

    what version of vs 2008 (std,pro, team ???)

    is the OS x86 or x64 ?

    any other problems with other apps?

    and is the win7 from MSDN or a MSFT contact or???


    if you have MSDN then you should have 4 support calls to use, if they find it was a win7 issue or bug in vs you will not use one of the msdn support calls i belive.


    oh and i have vs 2008 pro on the 7 rc w/o any issues so far.

    but i know that from having ran many different beta / ctp / rc versions of windows and vs and .net over the yeears there are sometimes issues that if we do not report them then msft can't find the fix for them.  it's impossible for them to find *every* possible problem given how many ways we can re-install different things on each pc.

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