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View Thread: Features you like added to, c# or any other .net language.
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    Compile Checks for;-


    Basic Infinite Recursion Detection

    This is a example case, i do know how to code it properly.

     Public Function Factorial(ByVal x As Double ) As Double Return X * Factorial(x-1) End Sub

    Result:  (Warning / Error) No base case detected, which would result in a stack overflow.


    Simple Infinite Loops Detection

    Dim x As Integer Dim OutputText While x<InputText.Lenght x = 0 OutputText &= Chr(Asc(InputText(x)-2) x +=1 End While

    Possible Detection Rules (Partial Solution to Halting Problem)

    No Exit While inside of while loop

    No If statements who results affect variable x inside while loop.

    X is set to a value >= InputText.Lenght smallest possible value of 0

    Result: (Warning / Error) Possible Infinite loop.


    Any other language / compiler features you like see added.