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View Thread: Features you like added to, c# or any other .net language.
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    I obviously don't expect all of this, but it would be nice.
    • Extension Properties 
    • Mixins
    • Language support for tuple types:
      public (int, string) GetSomeTuple() { /* ... */ }
      Perhaps this could even extend to tuples with named properties (much like anonymous types):
      public (int Age, string Name) GetSomeTuple() { /* .. */ }
    • Better language support for function types (unlimited args, named args)
    • More type inference! this leads to my final request...
    • Better support for anonymous types (shouldn't be limited to only a local scope):
      public anonymous GetSomeObject() { return new { Feature = "Anonymous Types", Version = 2 } }

      Still strongly typed, just a lot simpler.