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    Sven Groot

    vesuvius said:
    ktr said:

    It seems a lot of what you desire is in F#, why don't you use that instead? The type inference in the language is sublime.


    let x = y 
    let apples = oranges 


    I now use the var keyword in C# like its running out of fashion. In visual basic you have


    Dim anInt as Integer 


    which is far more elegant than


    MyClass myClass = new MyClass();

    Visual Basic 9 also has type inference.


    In C# you can do:

    var x = 42;


    And in VB you can do:

    Dim x = 42


    In both cases the type is inferred to be an integer. However, VB will only do that if Option Infer is turned on (which I think is the default for new projects in VS2008); if Option Infer is off, it uses the old behaviour in which case x will be a late-bound Object in the above example.


    It also has the strange effect that in VB, the following three lines are now identical in meaning (with Option Infer On):

    Dim foo As New MyClass()
    Dim bar = New MyClass()
    Dim baz As MyClass = New MyClass()