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Printing alpha-blended images in IE

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    I have with printing in IE... I have a base image, and I'm applying "highlite" markups. By this, I literally mean that a section of the base image is covered by a semi-transparent block of color, like you would highlite a piece of paper.

    I have no problems with semi-transparent images on screen.  Now, I need to print the resulting document. Everything looks great, up to and including the Print Preview. However, when I send the document to the printer, all my highlites are opaque-- they block out the base image. 

    Having tried a wide variety of methods, I can only assume that this is a bug in IE's print.  Has anyone successfully printed alpha-blended images in IE?


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    A followup.  I called MSDN support on this one, and they said, effectively, they have no plans on fixing this problem.

    Here's what it boils down to:  All alpha blending is down using filters.  Filters are only applied to on-screen media, not print.  And IE doesn't support the alpha channel in PNGs natively (or any other format, apparently), despite the numerous requests for it.

    Thank you, Microsoft, for making my day a lot harder.

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