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Why SQL Server 2005 Express?

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    I don't understand the integration model for VS 2008 here. I have VS 2008 Pro that comes bundled with SQL Server 2005, but when I 'Add New Item' -> 'Service-based Database', it gives me an error saying SQL Server is not setup properly. Clicking on the help button redirects me to this page. Which explains that I have to have SQLServer 2005 Express for this to work properly.... Why? This is utterly non-sense to me.

    For info, I've tried setting up VS 2008 in Tools->Options->Database Tools->Data Connections->SQL Server Instance Name with various combinations without luck. I even checked the appropriate value using the server explorer and SQL Server Management Studio.

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    Hi, there are two things....

    one is that when the visual studio try create your project, him could be looking for the installation register of the sql server expression, and not found the register and show you the error.... you can map this register using Performance Monitor and add this register to fool the visual studio.


    The other one is that you trying to create one service database. One thing that works with mdf file accessed only through servers... so this moment does no interest to visual studio that your compute has the sql server engine installed on.. for him just matter that the machine have the sql server expression, to him load all objects needs to create the service-basead database.

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    SQL 2008 was released several months after VS 2005 (much to my indignation I might add). If I am honest, there is no reason to still use 2005, unless you have as live project [which you wouldn't typically on express]


    The best advice I can give you is, to download and install SQL Express 2008 here

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    I'd say if the project you are trying to do is not that big, XML may take out much of the SQL hassle plus rule out the need of SQl Server all together. Just .NET will be used. You can use the System.Xml.Linq library or take a look at one of projects here: and modify as required 

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