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Dock window - Like Vista Sidebar

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    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make a window dock to one side and when other programs are expanded they dont "overlay" the screen.. just like Vista Sidebar (always visible).



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    That would be a neat feature. I don't think it's possible right now.

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    spivonious said:

    That would be a neat feature. I don't think it's possible right now.

    Hmmm well I can think of some possible ways to get the effect.... but kind of hack-ish

    i suspect that the sidebar has some hook to the desktop logic that makes other apps only see the area not overed by the sidebar.

    if you could tell the desktop to only use rect (x,y to x2,y2) for other apps then some how leave your window in the reserved area...


    possibly use some kind of docking toolbar class?  seems like i recall on older versions you could put bars on the screen that were added launch bars, if they are still in vista / 7 plumbing then you might be able to make the os see your app as based on that type of window.


    something like that...

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    I'm trying to think if i've seen any buddy lists from a jabber client do this.  I don't see an option on my office communicator, and you would think an office product would make use of that.  I'm with figuerres, I can think of a few hacks, but it won't allow the user to maximize within a restricted area of the screen.

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    Sven Groot

    This is called an Application Desktop Toolbar. You can create them from arbitrary windows and they will behave much like the task bar (including the fact that maximized windows will not use their area). I expect the Vista sidebar also uses this method.


    EDIT: It has to be done by the application that contains the window you want to dock though; if you're looking to dock a window from an existing application whose source you cannot modify, I don't think that's possible.

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    I would advise against it...why?


    Windows 7 does, and focusses on what is in the sidebar. I would look to creating desktop gadgets instead.

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    Thanks for many good responses.


    I'll look into Application Desktop Toolbar.



    I like the Sidebar and its gadgets, but I think the developing includes to much scripting for my taste. At least what I've seen after skimming through..

    And the format of the UI is very restricted..


    So then I'm gonna make my own SuperSidebar that takes WPF usercontrols as gadgets. And yes, it will rule Wink

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