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    1wretch said:

    I too am trying to get OpenGL, GLUT to work on my new Vista laptop.  I have a program which used to compile and run fine on my XP machine VC++ express, exact same code when I put into a VC++ express new console program empty project on my Vista laptop I can get it to compile by specifying appropriate local folders for VC++ to find glut.h and glut.lib.  But even when I put glut32.dll into either project directory or .../Windows/System32 and try to run my app, I get "glut32.dll" not found.  I am about to install Windows 7 on my laptop and expect the same problems.


    How do I reinstall OpenGL and/or GLUT on my Vista laptop (so far I just copied over the stuff from my XP machine


    What do I need to specify in VC++ (Vista) to compile link and run correctly?


    Will I need to make any changes when migrating from Vista to Windows 7


    Any help you could give would be immensely appreciated


    Rich Parker

    Long Beach

     The way I resolved the problem was by building GLUT in my machine and using the resulting glut32.dll instead of using the one provided. The one provided did not work for me. Instead of downloading a pre-compiled version of glut, get the source, build it, and use the resulting dll and it should work.