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    exoteric said:

    Unnullability a la

        public struct Unnullable<T> where T : class
            public Unnullable(T x)
                if (x == null)
                    throw new NullReferenceException();
                item = x;
            public T Item
                    return item;
            private readonly T item;

    and used as such

        class Foo
            int Bar = 3;
        class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)
                var ufoo = new Unnullable<Foo>(new Foo());
                Unnullable<Foo> baz; // error
                Unnullable<Foo> bax = null; // error
                Unnullable<Foo> box = (Foo)null; // error

    with built-in compiler support so we can simply write

    var ufoo = new Foo!(); // type of ufoo is Foo! => Unnullable<Foo> 

    Even without compiler support it will help catch nullness errors because in this case the compiler just translates ! to Unnullable - a kind of dual of ? which translates to Nullable. And with compiler support you may not even need to explicitly implement as Unnullable<T> although it will probably make the implementation easier.


    And of course unnullable classes - where by default the class is unnullable.

    mod up Unnullablfe<T> (although I'd prefer NonNullable<T>). It should be usable in all places types are usable today and the framework should make full use of it. This would obviously require a CLR rev. Languages that support it should mark their assemblies appropriately, those that don't have the implicit casts/expections added for them by the jit.