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View Thread: Two burning questions: Outlook 2003 & Critical Updates
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    1.  We run SBS 2000 server with Exchange Server 2000 and Outlook 2003 clients.  Even though we specifically publish our free/busy schedule under Calendar Options to a folder on the server, the free/busy info does not show up when I go into Calendar->Actions->View Group Schedules.  How do we get the free/busy info to publish in Outlook 2003?

    2.  I check for Windows critical updates periodically even though you advertise that you only publish once per month.  (Sometimes there are out of cycle updates).  Sometimes a driver update shows up in critical updates.  If I choose not to update the driver, and check again the next day, the driver update does not show up in Critical updates.  What's up with that?  (I don't necessarily trust driver updates since I saw Dell workstations show a HP Server hard drive controller update as critical, among other things.)

    Thank you!