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View Thread: Why do this on the server? (ASP.Net)
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    I agree and disagree with what you say... IMHO, I don't think that you should do as much as you can on the client side in an ASP.Net environment. Granted todays computers are getting more powerful as we speak, but for client satisfaction, you have to draw a line between what could slow the client's system down and what you can afford to do server-side to ensure client satisfaction..

    But I think it is nice to have interaction events be taken care of client side.. The main reason JavaScript is the first way to go is because its the only somewhat standard method of a browser being event driven and interacting with the content on the site..

    Yeah, I dont see HTC's being any more in use.. The day will come when we'll see a browser independant, interaction framework .. that is the standard.. talk about taking a non-interactive HTML session to a whole new level Smiley