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Need help learning visual Studio.

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    I've been in computers for some time. I learned to code on a Dec Vax system. Back then I coded in Basic, Cobol, some Assembly and a little Pascal. I am trying to make the transition from these procedural languages into the Object oriented, event driven, world of windows and the internet. I was wondering what suggestions you would have for someone moving from the procedural to Visual Studio. I have done some basic programs in Visual Studio, but  I still have problems with the dot notation. I also struggle with the idea of objects and inheritance and with the role that framework plays in a visual studio application. Do you have any suggestions that may help me make the transistion?

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    Dr Herbie

    I've found Wrox press to be quite good for these kinds of kick-starts.  How about 'Beginning Microsoft Visual C# 2008 '.  It's more up to date than the book I learned C# from (for .NETv1.0). They tend to go through the process from the Visual Studio UI with lots of screenshots.




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    just to i hope clarify :


    what you are really looking for is information on two things:


    Object Oriented programming


    Windows Programming


    Visual STudio helps but is not the "key" in this.


    in fact you can write small programs in C# with just notepad and the command line to compile and run them.


    VS is good but you do not have to even use it.


    if you want to get a good foundation in OO stuff be sure to read up on things like SmallTalk and Java in addition to .Net

    just to get a wide overview of it.


    The windows stuff there are loads of good books out there....


    and ask questions here when you have them... there are a bunch of folks here who will jump in and help.

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