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XP SP2 delayed till summer

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    Sorry about that...actually I was thinking I should've posted in the Coffehouse.


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    Nystul this some new delay that was just announced? If so it might be worth referencing an article to go with the delay notification.

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    I just noticed an article on ZDNet UK about this,,39020645,39153297,00.htm

    Not sure how true it is, but better for a slight delay if it is going to make the end experience better.

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    I'm a pretty big geek...but...I can't see getting worked up over a month delay in a service pack. Wink
    I agree, it's worth waiting to get it we aren't all pushing SP3 onto systems two months later...

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    I'd much prefer to have it right too. My quess is the delay is due to the Security Dashboard issues that are currently present. I simply said bummer because when you have clients and users to support you tend to plan depolyment in advance. Plus there has been volumes of documentation released so far and having already read most of it I'm hoping there aren't too many changes.

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    i think they should delay it FOREVER

    ..sorry - i cant stand SP2

    no offence

    ( nag, nag, nag, nag, allow, allow,allow)

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