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peoples said:

For error handling, you're meant to use Try/Catch and Exceptions; The "On Error Do Something" in VB.NET is meant as a crutch for backwards compatibility with VB6 (i.e. never use it in new projects).


To see if a file exists or not:


try {

    FileStream fs = new FileStream("path to file");

} catch(FileNotFoundException fex) {



...of course, you should never use exceptions for normal program flow, it's much better to test first:


try {

    if( File.Exists("path to file") ) {

        // do file operation here

    } else {

        // show error message to user


} catch(IOException ex) {



And as you're using C#, you might as well make use of the using() {} block to ensure your program doesn't shít itself if something bad happens in the file IO ops.