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Haskell question

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    Can somebody explain to me why the following works:

    add2 = foldr (\ x xs -> x + 2 : xs) []


    but this does not:

    appendTest = foldr(\ x xs -> x ++ "Test" : xs) []


    I get a type mismatch between [[[Char]]] and [[Char]] when I call

    appendTest ["one", "two"]


    I need to do it this way:


    appendTest = foldr(\ x xs -> (\ x -> x++ "Test") : xs) []


    I am not sure why though, especially since the Int example works. Sure, String is [Char], but I can't see why the first version of appendTest expects a [[[Char]]] instead of a [[Char]].


    Thanks a lot!

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    Have you tried reformulating as separate functions rather than "trying to be smart on the first go" with the embedded lambda expression? When I'm doing Haskell it helps to identify problem areas.

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    A N Satrawala

    it may be due to + binding with higher precedence compared to : in comparison with ++

    placing brackets like should work (x ++ "Test")

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