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ASP.NET Report Generation

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    What is everyone's recommendation for generating reports under ASP.NET?

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    If you are using SQL Server, and already have VS.NET, then SQL Server Reporting Services is option to explore. I've found it very capable. There is an introduction on MSDN.  If you are interested in using the web service API to interact programatically with the report server, then take a look at a Tree Navigation sample, and a CreateSubscription API sample.

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    Steven J Ackerman

    I too would recommend investigating SQL Reporting Services.  Whatever you do, avoid Crystal Reports like the plague that it is...

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    I've used Active Reports for .NET in a Windows Forms application. It's worked pretty well, the reports are very customizable and you can get up and running fairly quickly. It has ASP.NET capability but I haven't used it. I preferred SQL Server Reporting Services, but we couldn't lock our customers into SQL Server.

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    Big fan of Reporting Services, but unfortunately the back-end is MSDE so we can't use it Sad

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    I can honestly say that ActiveReports.NET has been a mistake for my project at work. sucked up 486MB of memory when outputing a 3 page report. Sure, for a windows application their customer service people stated that they have a client building a 50,000 page report and it works.

    However, when running on the web it is not a good solution for big reports.

    Filtering capability we had given our users had to be limited to where they can look at reports on a "Per Product" basis, etc.

    Also, customer service has been unable to give a solution for doing reports.

    And why would it not stream the content it produces to the client instead of storing it in memory until it is done running the report?

    Questions, questions, questions...

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    Whatever you do DON'T USE CRYSTAL. It sucks. Alot.

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    SQL Reporting Services is quite easy to use. Love it if compare to Crystal Report.

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    If you missed the HDC conference (, and you want a FREE step-by-step tutorial on SQL Reporting Services presentation all you have to do is register @
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    If you are needing to create a copy of this presentation, you can download the entire presentation and associated code by going to our site
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    (Must be Registered and logged-in to download content/code)

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    I came to VB from Access. I had used Access 2 for years and loved its reporting engine. When I started using VB I assumed there would be some equivalent but there was not.

    While I have not yet looked at reporting services yet it seems a pretty damning indictment if it has taken MS something like 10 years to get a decent reporting tool going, when they already had one that was way ahead of anything else in terms of ease of use in Access.

    Sure, Crystal is there and is always included in some way in the various in various VS releases over the years, but its always so kludgey... from the first time I used it was a case of finding ways around problems, hacking stuff about... Even today it’s horrible for .NET because it uses chunks of unmanaged code and is a nightmare to deploy.

    One of the first jobs of my new project was to find a replacement, because frankly ANYTHING is better than having to work around Crystal for the nth time. Unfortunately Reporting Services is out as we have to support MSDE.

    We have plumped for the DevExpress solution in the end ( although activereports, which has been mentioned was close. We also looked at Report Sharp-Shooter ( which really appeals as it allows binding to implementations of IEnumerable, IList or IListSource - unfortunately when we looked at it was quite immature - difficult to use and there  was little documentation. It promises to be quite nice though... the ability to bind to collections is to me, as an n-tier developer, something I would love! I hate having to break all my carefully crafted layers and dive straight in to the database just for reports!

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    If your Organization use MS Office 2003, maybe you can do the following:

    1.- You can obtain your data in Xml format
    2.- Use XSL to write two transformation style:
        a) One for HTML format (preview)
        b) Use the MS Office 2003 Xml Schemas in order to write a Word or Excel document in Xml format.
    3.- Save the Xml/Office document into your server
    4.- Point an Url to the document, then the user can download a pretty Office report.

    It's only and idea Wink


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    wbarthol wrote:

    What is everyone's recommendation for generating reports under ASP.NET?

    i am using report sharp sooter now and it is so good very easy to integrate to  optional language selections c# or vb

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