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    fabian said:
    Prakash4u said:

    You can customize materpage, page layouts (or create new), xml, css etc ... but not files containing c# code


    To customize the site you just press file --> open site --> and enter the Url to the site.


    My advice is NOT to user SharePoint designer. You can face deployment and performance issues. A page that has been modified by SharePoint cannot be cached. That includes all the custom caching you might be using the your custom code (HttpContent.Current.Cache).


    Page/masterpages that you have modified using SharePoint designer has been ghosted. See


    That said I am involved in an Internet facing site that has been build almost entirely using SharePoint designer and that works and preform ok (no customer complains regarding perfomance). But deployment of new code is a hell. That site was one of the first sites in the world to launch on MOSS 2007 and we didn't know better. We do now ...


    The recommende way it to customize SharePoint using Feature. WSP Builder will help you build, debug and deploy those.


    WSP Builder is an extension to Visual Studio.


    Best advice i can give you is to build EVERYTHING using feature and don't use SharePoint designer in the production environment.


    Put simply, SharePoint Designer is complete junk. Smiley