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Binding & Editing XML to a DataGrid in ASP.Net

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    Does anyone here know of a good example of Binding an XML document, not an XML resultset from SQL, to a DataGrid in, in C#?

    I have seen some stuff in VB, but not complete examples. The examples I have seen have all been Xml as a result of a SQL query, not dealing with pure XML documents. I want to deal only with XML...


    ~ Knute

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    Natty Gur
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    As far as I know there is no way to just take a string of xml and pass it to a grid without converting it to a dataset or datatable first as Natty provided links to. One of the PowerBuilder guys at work showed me that you can do this in PB - I was envious because it seems like .Net should allow you to do this also.

    I do believe Whidbey does this now but unfortuneately its in alpha mode so that doesn't help you. I'll bet it converts it for you behind the scenes.

    If some does know of a way to do this without having to convert the xml first I'd like to hear about it.


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    Thanks Natty, Paulie!

    I actually got the binding part to work, now I need to work on the editing and updating part.

    ~ Knute

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