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Port Programming

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    well, I have veen always wondering is there anyway to do port programming with .NET, port programming means not a socket one but Serail Port and Parallel Port programming, also USB one.. in VB I used to do with MSComm Component, so using MSComm Component in .NET wont be a managed code programming, so is there any .NET way to do it? or I need to write a device driver for it?

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    Bryn Waibel

    Duncan Mackenzie recently wrote an arcticle about controlling a serial LCD device with VB.NET.

    He also mentioned in his blog that the Visual Basic Resource Kit includes a control which can be used to interface with serial ports.

    Duncan's Coding4Fun articles are a must read for anyone wanting to play with .NET in their spare time, he writes some really cool stuff.


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    Does anyone think it likely that a future version of the .NET Framework will incorporate some method of interfacing with parallel ports directly?  The product I work on interfaces with proprietary hardware out of the parallel port and currently we use a third party driver to do simple in and out calls in Win2K and above.  It doesn't seem that unreasonable to have at least inp / outp available for use by an application without needing a full on kernel mode driver developed by us ( okay maybe it is unreasonable but I can dream! ).


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