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a brand new query tool is out on beta, we need feedback, so you get a free copy

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    We at Nob Hill Software are working on a new query tool:

    You can read all about it on the above web page, but basically, its a
    very ambitious project to create what we call 'the query tool to end
    all query tools': everything you ever wanted, desired, dreamed about
    in a query tool, and then some.

    For that, we need people who will download it, use it, tell us what
    they think, what's good and what's not, and what they would like to
    see in the future. This program has been going on since winter 2009,
    and so far we've made plenty of DB users happy - but we could always
    use more feedback. No catches, no tricks, we will never ask for money
    or anything - just to know what you want, so we can put it in. When
    the tool is finally out on production, all those who contributed will
    have it for free - for life.

    If you're interested, just download and start working. Then email us
    your feedback, which can be anything from a single sentence to entire

    Contact us through the site if you have any questions!

    Thank You
    Nob Hill Software 

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    I guess I'm not the target of such a tool. But from looking at the website I would like to see things like syntax highlighting code completion etc. If your write a lot of queries you're not going to use a query builder...

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    This almost looks like one of the demo applications that comes with DevExpress. It's definitely a their components and from using them myself, I can say that DevExpress does a lot of this for you in the components. I guess my question is what makes this the query tool to end all? Is there syntax highlighting or intellisense like functions that I'm missing?

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    Aside from the price, what does this give me that Toad doesn't? And Toad gives me a lot more than just a query tool.

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    spivonious said:

    Aside from the price, what does this give me that Toad doesn't? And Toad gives me a lot more than just a query tool.

    Hi All,

    I work for Nob Hill Software so this is our 'official' response (sorry about the delay)


    To begin with: yes, we are using DevExrepss componenets. So naturally the product offers some of the features that they do (quick filtering, grouping on the fly etc) but we go beyond and offer many things that they don't (e.g. full regular expression searches, visual query builder, query results comparison, exports and imports to every known database or format out there (including telling you if you're breaking any data integrity rules before yuo're actually pushing to the database... and much more)


    As for 'what features do we offer that Toad doesn't, the list is quite long - some of it is on the site (which we constantly update) - and I don't know if I should repeat the whole thing here) but i'll say this: this product is mostly ofcusing on the *data*itself.  Yes it helps you write the query, but the big focus here is on working with the data once you have the query. Compare it, reformat it, search through it, generate reports on it, statistics, import it, export it... and query whatever data you have - SQL Database, Excel, XML or flat files, all the same uniform way. That is why we didn't put large emphasis so far on features mentioned here  - syntax highlights, code completion etc... all important features no doubt, but we really try to do something *new*, not duplicate stuff you got elsewhere. what we're planning now is to release a version of it as an SSMS extention - so you could enjoy all the features of a good query environment (that keeps getting better) and then have a great way to work with your data, once you have it


    does that answer everyting? let me know if not...



    Jonathan Scion

    Nob Hill Software

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