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     So I finally decide to leave Vista behind and move on to better things (or so I thought) with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition. Did a clean install, etc. So then I noticed when I create new folders, they don't show up until I hit F5 to refresh. Same thing happens when I delete folders. Sometimes if I do it continuously, Windows Explorer stops working and freezes the entire system. Did a little search on google and turns out other people have had the same [url=]problem[/url], unfortunately there's no fix that seems to work yet. Apparently it has something to do with the Client for Microsoft Networks, however I've disabled it and the problem still persists. So do the channel9 experts know how to fix this issue or even if there might be some fix coming soon, thanks for future responses. Here's a pic of the problem in action.


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    So I've narrowed down the problem, it only seems to occur after I open a window explorer such as control panel or Computer folder, at that moment and thereafter, if I create a new folder it won't show up unless I refresh. Guess I'll just have to avoid doing this (if that's the only thing that causes the problem, still unsure) since MS probably takes ages to fix a bug.