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Opening word document

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    I have a asp page, which is used to send e-mail. In the mail, I have a link to open a document, which is in a webpage.

    The user gets the email in mail box(outlook 2007/webmail) . When the user clicks on the link in the mail, i want to fetch the username and password of the user and then send it to web application by which the user can be logged in and display(open) the document.


    How to achieve this?


    Thank you.

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    Assuming you have programmatic control over the Word doc on the server, you can set permissions and/or password at the time of its creation. The link in the email will point to that doc and the user will be promted to authenticate when they try to open it.


    I wouldn't recommend sending credentials through query strings unless you can come up with a clever way of doing it like a persisted unique hash. I would opt for the user downloading the doc and letting the doc handle authentication through a prompt or windows integrated if you know they always be on your domain controller. 

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