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Help needed immediately

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    I need help for one of my umm... "friends" yes thats it... "friend" (cough, cough) uh not me, no I don't need help, but my err "friend" needs help on the basics of code, you know like how to start a section of code, end it. When the person opens the program they enter some numbers and get answers back out; how to make a background just umm... general starting tips please. My friend would very much appreciate it. Smiley

    PS - Visual Basic code please.

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    Tell your.. UMMMM friend.. that VB.NET is not bad to get started with...

    Basic code.. UMMM console app... can't get more basic than that...

    I am sure there are others here who can guide you better... but as an intermediate to a novice here you go...

    Module Module1

    Sub Main()

    Console.WriteLine("simple app")

    End Sub

    End Module

    How's that for easy...

    What does this mean? Well you have a block of code called main... this main runs a command for the System.Console class (the system part is "hidden") then it tells that class to write a line of text saying "simple app"..

    Not bad for a simple app... Of course it only gets more and more complicated for there, but you can't get much simpler than that.. Smiley

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    Hi loadsgood...

    i'm not saying isn't a good choice...but your friend might also want to give c# a go also: the framework and runtime are the same, so the choice is primarily one of which syntax she prefers...

    looks like a nice starting point if they want to give it a try 

    links to hello world etc here...

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    I have... oops I mean my "friend" has Visual studio .net and needs to know what type of Visual Basic .net thing to make, a solution? a project? what? There are so many choice which is the right one?


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    Donkslayer wrote:

    Dude, stop bumping threads. Who the hell cares about this 'urgent' question from last May now?

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