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View Thread: Can I restore one of my user's profiles in Vista?
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    Doctor Who

    My youngest daughter uses my 4 year old laptop, which has Windows Vista installed.  Somehow she got some Trojan (Vista Internet Security).  (I'd love to know how that happened, seeing as how she is a standard user, and I have VIPRE as my AV.)  Anyway, I ran a deep anti-virus scan using VIPRE, which identified it.  I decided to delete everything that it identified.  Now she cannot use anything in her profile.  If she tries to bring up the browser, it recycles over and over again a dialog box asking which program to use.  If I try to run any program at all, it doesn't know what to do.  For example, it is totally lost trying to run the command line.  If I bring up Windows Explorer and navigate to Windows\System32 and try to run the command line, or anything at all from there, it goes "Huh?"


    What in heck has happened?? Is it possible to fix this, and if so, how?


    As an aside, I can log into my account (my account on that machine is an administrator) and it works fine.