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creating Tag library in Sharepoint 2007

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    How to create a tag library in sharepoint 2007. In most of webpages, we can see Tags. When user clicks on the item in the Tag, it displays the relevant search results.


    How to create a  Tag library in sharepoint 2007?


    Thank you

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    I did this recently.


    1) Create a field called Tags or something similar.

    2) Reference that field in your content type

    3) Assign your content type your list or library.

    4) Create some content in that list or library

    5) Do a full crawl in search to get the indexer to pick up your new field.

    6) Create a Managed Property for that crawled field.

    7) Start another crawl.

    8) Download the Community Kit Tag Could WebPart  

    9) Add the WebPart to a page and change it's properties  to point to your Managed Property and Search Page.

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