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    Little bug that doesn't look like it's getting fixed any time soon... If your using a computer that does not have a printer installed, print preview is disabled. This might seem obvious, but the purpose of print preview is to review the page or the look of the page on paper.. but what if your sending it somewhere to be printed? Or writing it and then moving to print it. I would like to see print preview 'unlocked' because people that don't have printers still need to see what it will look like on paper.

    This is not a big deal on machines I own because I can install a generic driver to 'trick' Windows, but is a pain when I use a networked machine I don't have admin rights on.

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    If you think about it ...

    If Print Preview is a preview of how the selected driver will print the selected document ...
    And if no driver is installed ...

    What exactly are you going to preview?

    Can't really see how this is a bug ...

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    Jeremy W

    Yup, print preview is entirely dependent on the selected default printer. There is no "Universal Print Driver" for Windows, so you can't just get a "default" view. If you're sending it somewhere to be printed, the presentation will depend entirely on the print driver at the location.

    Best suggestion? Install a printer identical to the one at the location, it'll give you a very close approximation.

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