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VS Beta2 and Sql Server 2005

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    Hi Guys,

    Whilst waiting for Beta2 to hit the downloads area on MSDN I was wonder what version of SqlServer 2005 would work with it. Does anyone know? I'm guessing there will be another beta or CTP so that is can align itself with the framework Beta 2, but that's just a guess.



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    I have been told by some people at MS that they will do a drop of SQL2005 at the same time as VS2005 so they can be installed on the same PC.  I should also have the effect of allowing TFS to be installed on one server rathern than 2.

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    in the MSDN bug tool ( Ladybug?)  a while back I said that having one build of the 2.0 framework should be a top item for the next big push. for installing VS and SQL and TS w/o the hassles.

    I got a reply tht said yes, they are doing that.

    so when the next beta comes out I expect to see one .net 2.0 build for all the apps and servers to run with.

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    It makes sense doing it that way doesn't it.

    I'm starting to feel sorry for those MSDN file servers once these betas become available. I imagine they are going to be very busy machines.

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    Yep, I feel sorry for them.  Oh wait, no I don't! haha I just can't wait to be part of the problem!

    Go VS.NET 2005!

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    SQL Server 2005 April CTP.

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    Beta 2 needs to be an official MSDN BitTorrent !

    seed about 20 Akami Servers and then let us all run a Bit Torrent so that the world can get the beta w/o the slow down of a few servers....

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