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    lesmemphis said:
    W3bbo said:

    It seems the problem was to do with sessions. Sometimes when I call a variable in a session it returns a null, but if I just call it again, it returns the value. So now I just build a check in. Haven't had the problem since. Still holding fingers crossed that it won't happen again.

    Well, it seems my problem is STILL not solved. Wow, this is turning out to be a headache of note.


    I'm convinced that the problem lies with my sessions. It seems that under stress testing; after certain time periods; and at other random intervals, the site won't work.


    It can't be the session timeout period, because the default (according to W3Schools) is 20 minutes.


    Check out the problem on my ">"> BookNow pages. Try it with different browsers and add and remove numerous times when it does work. (Note that this site is in test phase).




    Update : Apparently Sessions are designed to handle only very small amounts of data like a sinle name or ip adress. Which means the 2 datatables i'm saving is too large. So I'll be writing to a db instead of using a session. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.


    Any thoughts on this?