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Crystalized in VS 2010

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    Can anyone point me to a decent reference to usage for the downloaded Crystal Reports for VS 2010?  My VS 2008 reportviewer code is blowing up in the 2010 version.




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    Documentation, what documentation?  Big Smile  Am I the only person who things technology companies do not have a clue on documenation?  Both Microsoft and Crystal are horrible at it.


    VS 2010 does not come with Crystal Reports.  It is a beta download which implies that a full release will be done in July.


    Now that is not to say it does not work.  I have mulitple projects based upon Crystal XI-R2 which compile and run without problems in VS 2010.  The only difficulties I had were reference related.  I have to manually add the correct references.  Once the correct references are added, everything works.


    NOTE:  If you are trying to run Crystal on a X64 box, that seems to be impossible.  I have to compile code as X86 to get things to work.  When compiled as X86 (vs any cpu or X64) crystal works flawlessly.


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