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Anyone using a database migration library?

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    Graeme Hill

    Hi, I'm trying to transition into using a Ruby on Rails style migration system in .NET.  Here are some examples of the tools I'm looking at: 


    I've done some research but there don't seem to be a lot of people doing it this way.  Are any of you using or considering using a migration system?  If so, which tool did you use?  Does anyone have an alternate method of solving the same problem?


    To me this seems like an ideal way to track your schema in a version control system while having the ability to automate schema upgrades.  I'm trying to find a tool that I can use to generate both the database and my O/RM's data access code but so far I haven't had much luck on the latter.  If it could generate an XML file representing the schema (in addition to generating SQL queries, of course) then that could easily be translated into a DBML or EDMX.


    Thoughts, anyone?

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