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Pass credentials to Exchange 2007 EWS

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    I am trying to interop to Exchange 2007 via its web-services and have the following issue;

    Authentication mode = windows in the web.config….

    Why isn’t the default credential passing the current user to the exchange webservice (EWS)?

        Dim esb As New mailserver.ExchangeServiceBinding()
    'Provide the NetworkCredential
        esb.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials

    Provide the URL
    .Url = "https://server.domain.local/EWS/exchange.asmx"

    It returns no mailbox found when I try and add a calendar item.I’m pretty sure it’s not passing the credentials.

    "When making a request as an account that does not have a mailbox, you must specify the mailbox primary SMTP address for any distinguished folder Ids."

    Yet when I hard code my credentials in, it works fine.

    Any ideas? 

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