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Aero on Remote Desktop in Win7/2008R2

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    I've got a Server 2008R2 server on my LAN with the Desktop Experience feature installed, and the client is a Windows 7 Professional laptop with Aero running snapilly. I'm wanting to get Aero Glass working over RDP.


    I used to have the Aero Basic theme installed and running on the server without any issues, but I switched to Classic whilst I investigated some other issues.


    Since solving them, I find I cannot enable Aero Basic over Remote Desktop. All the checkboxes are filled on the Experience tab, but I get this message at the bottom of the Personalization control panel: "One or more of the themes has been disabled by Remote Desktop Connection settings."


    ...but they aren't.


    I also haven't disabled anything on the Remote Desktop Host Configuration properties for the active TCP connection either, nor is there anything in Group Policy (as I said, Aero Basic was working perfectly fine earlier today).

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    fabian said:

    Thanks for that.


    It turns out that you don't need to install the Remote Desktop Session Host to get it working, you just need to:


    • Change the Group Policy setting
    • Login to the machine locally and select the Aero theme (doesn't matter if the machine doesn't have an Aero-capable GPU)
    • Reconnect to the server using RDC with 32-bit color mode enabled.
    • Voila.

    Still, it's surprising to me at how despite Aero working, the framerate is still capped to 15fps. I know this is a client setting, but it still feels weird. C'mon Microsoft, fix this.

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