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VS2010 hangs when doing something with sql server 2008 r2

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    Hi there!


    I'm using all most casual solution to study silwerlight wcf ria services. There is at least two problems - if I try to generate database from model, VS hangs without any information when clicking on .edmx.sql file tab after generation.

    Second issue is unhandled exception (code 4004,  category: ManagedRuntimeError, DomainServicesException) when ruining this code:


       var context = new DomainServiceProduct();
    context.Categories.Add(new Categories() { CategoryName = "22", });

    catch (System.Exception)



    Please, tell me, could these issues can be part of one, and what can be a solution.





    First issue was a some bug with installed sql server. After full reinstall all vs2010 and sql server components,  even more - installing VS without SQL server, and installing it separately (2008 R2), bug disappear.


    There is same problems (unhandled exception) when adding a complex type properties - entities with associations. Simple type entities works now fine with following code.




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