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WebPart Connections - Unexpected Error

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    Using SP 2007.  I have a list with about 90 fields.  We have an offshore team that I don't want to give access to all fields.  Thought I had a nifty solution.  I created a web part page with 2 columns. With SP Designer 2007, I display some of the fields in web part view on the left and then a web part data form on the right with the fields for them to update and then used web part connection between the two.  Worked fine.  "Worked" is the problem.  Now when I try to do the same thing - connecting in SP Designer whether to the same list or different lists, get "unexpected error" when I go into browser.  I've done enough testing to know it is the web part connection.  If I try connections in SharePoint web page editor, I don't have a problem, but really need to do SP Designer to get what I want.  Any ideas as to where I can look for the problem?  It seems to connect OK when in Designer, but when I view in Explorer is where the problem occurs.

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