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    Sven Groot said:

    To be honest, it sounds like you'd benefit from some tutorials or introductory books rather than trying to learn from reference materials. Just using reference materials is possible if you have a reasonable understanding of the fundamentals, but it sounds like you're not quite there yet.


    I'm sure somebody here can recommend a good book to get you started on .Net and OO concepts.

    That makes sense. I really don't get to do much new stuff at work. Once I told them I wanted to learn the .Net programming they gave me existing programs to maintain. So when I go look at them I really don't see much I understand. I think a book that gave you projects to complete so that instead of just reading about how it works I would have projects to complete that would allow me to use the new techniques. So like, read a chapter on some feature, then here's a project that makes you code using that feature. Something like that I think would work well.