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View Thread: AVL tree vs red-black tree
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    Mr Crash

    ManipUni said:

    Your question makes no sense. If you plan on using them then you'd already have a basic idea what they'd be used for. Reads like a homework assignment to me. Maybe you should go study them so you can answer these questions yourself?

    ah so that's what MasterPie meant.


    Well i can assure you that it is not a homework assignment.

    Yes i have a somewhat limited basic idea of the trees but i want to hear what the experts think.


    No offense but why all this interrogation, all the time, it's just time wasting, i'm not joining the cia or anything like that i just want to hear what the experts think, is that so wrong ?


    I thought c9 was a friendly tech community and instead i get interrogated like a student (criminal ?)


    Is it wrong to ask questions here too ? Am i doing something wrong ? I'm getting sick of getting interrogated all the time.


    If you don't want to help me verify my knowledge about these trees then go away please you're not helping.