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View Thread: AVL tree vs red-black tree
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    Mr Crash said:
    ManipUni said:

    ah so that's what MasterPie meant.


    Well i can assure you that it is not a homework assignment.

    Yes i have a somewhat limited basic idea of the trees but i want to hear what the experts think.


    No offense but why all this interrogation, all the time, it's just time wasting, i'm not joining the cia or anything like that i just want to hear what the experts think, is that so wrong ?


    I thought c9 was a friendly tech community and instead i get interrogated like a student (criminal ?)


    Is it wrong to ask questions here too ? Am i doing something wrong ? I'm getting sick of getting interrogated all the time.


    If you don't want to help me verify my knowledge about these trees then go away please you're not helping.

    You are free to ask questions here. Some Niners can be harsh sometimes, but it's really just tough love. Smiley


    Be nice, guys. That said, when you ask a question in a public forum you need to be prepared to deal with some not-so-expected responses, some of which may come across as harsh. Don't have a thin skin. Keep on asking questions. Chances are that neither of the responders have a solid understanding of the data structures in question either Smiley. The links referenced by MasterPie aren't too complex in nature. You need to first understand what a binary search tree is - do you? If not, spend some quality time learning about this data structure and then move on to the more complex forms of it.