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View Thread: AVL tree vs red-black tree
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    Mr Crash


    Yes, i do have thick skin.

    I'm just completely sick and tired of it.

    I always google before asking in forums, etc. because it always goes like this:

    1. ask the question(s)

    2. lot's of interrigation question and answers (to make them stop, basically)

    3. the thread dies a slow death without the original questions being answered and lots of time wasted for nothing



    Yes, i did read that before creating a thread here.

    On some further contemplation, my questions was unclear.


    Not sure how to phrase the question, it's more the experience of using the trees i'm after,

    how they feel to work with in real-life.

    reading the math (if you understand it) is something but to actually use the trees is something else

    it's like the unwritten gotchas i'm asking about.

    ah, like an interviewer asking: "how has it been working with these tree algorithms?"

    Hope i cleared things up a bit.