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    Hello, could someone please suggest a fix for me.
    I am running windows xp, messanger is default in the set up.  When I am connected to the internet, people can see me online. I would like to only have msn messanger when I want it.
    I have gone into  Control panel, administrative tools, service shortcut, then scroll down and found messanger and I clicked to disable.  But this still didn't help.  Thanks if anyone can help solve this.

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    Click the little green man in the bottom right hand corner. Click 'Tools' menu, the 'General' tab and un-check the box next to "Automatically run Messenger when I log onto the computer".

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    The Messenger service in the MMC is not associated with Instant messenger (windows version or the MSN version) application.

    Maybe someone can explain exactly what that service is used for?

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    Well the messenger serviceenables you to send and receive messages over any network, as long as destination address runs a NT based OS or any tool that  can intercept those messages.

    A command to send a message over the network is : NET SEND [IP] [MESSAGE]. When you type this in a command screen, the [MESSAGE] will appear at the PC assigned to [IP]. NET SEND will fail when the service is disabled at that PC.

    This service also enables certain spammers to just send messages right to your desktop. Very annoying and I disabled the service.

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    Thx for the help, I had already gone into that and uncheckecked the box.......thx

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