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    I think the W3bbo & ZippyV are being too critical ( nitpicky)  on design of the site.


    Its a decent effort by "BrainDonors" using whatever the knowledge and graphical abilities he/she may have ( compare to many other sites on interenet ).


    By the way to  "BrainDonors" : Please try to take the criticism as a feedback from niners as potential customer/reviewer , which can help you improve your site and ulitmately your products/services ( instead of being so defensive about it ).


    I agree with certain commnets like menus moving also would like to point out that screenshots of products could have been made more obvious (Virutal ISO - Too small ).


    Try minimize usage of big images and if you want to use it try caching them.


    Look at tools like ( ) or Yslow ( ) with Firebug.


    and ultimately try to learn a bit more about web.



    Hope this advice (free) helps Wink