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    I've just downloaded the free e-book "Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2" from Microsoft Learning website.


    Upon reading about feature "Offline domain join", it mentioned you can use a tool named djoin.exe to create a provision, which can be used later to join the current cumputer to a domain which is not currently available.


    For this I have some questions: So Domain Admins / Domain Users passwords are not required? It doesn't mentioned anywhere in the text that whether use credential dialog will be popped up, but from the text it seems after using this the computer will be joined to domain automatically when the domain is available, without any user intervention.


    If this were true, will domain policies such as "Only domain administrators are allowed to join computers to domain" or other things affect this tool?

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    As I understand, when you run djoin /provision on the server, that will obey the domian join policy as it's fully connected to the domain at the time.  What you do with the provisioning file after that is a matter of your internal security policy.

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