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    TSPDesigner launches when I in the start menu, type 'Troubleshooting'.   No cigar.  Also, your reply is too telegraphic to be of much use.  If you go to Control Panel and type in troubleshooting you can click Troubleshooting.  Under system and security there is run maintenance tasks.  This describes itself as "clean up unused files and short cuts."  Under "Advanced" you can uncheck "Apply repairs automatically, "  which is one time only and reverts back to "Automatically".  Also there is "Run as system administrator."  There is no "Disable this feature permanently" option.   There exists, possibly, a daemon (I know "service") that can be disabled, but I don't know its name.  Standard replies:  Nobody else has complained about this.  Those who have complained report they have a work around.  And we're working hard on Windows 8 and have no time for maintenance issues on Windows 7.