eddwo wrote:
For every problem there must be a solution and a reinstall or image should never be required.

eddwo wrote:

I hope someone dog-foods longhorn for at least 6 months before it is released, really iron out all the long-term issues that will no doubt arise.

Everybody at Microsoft will be dog-fooding Longhorn well before it is released. This was the case with XP. Still, problems do get by us. I think the reason for this is that testing every single possible combination of device drivers is next to impossible as is successfully testing every possible combination of applications and services. 

It's very suspect in my opinion to guarantee no crashes ever again. Remember, the Windows kernel is a monolithic one. This means that drivers that go crazy can crash your machine. (This is also the case for operating systems like Linux and Unix) This doesn't mean we aren't trying as hard as we can to make Longhorn our most stable and reliable OS ever. Just the opposite is true. We thrive on challenges and this is a really big fish.