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    I will take cryptic, "google-able" error codes any day of the week over, for example, what Mac's spit out.  For 10+ years I've seen Mac's misbehave (not as much in the past few thinks it best if I stick to Windows). 

    When a Mac misbehaves it gives an error code a layman can understand.  Of course, it could just beep and draw a pretty picture (no text) and accomplish the exact same thing.  The error dialogs provides near zero to go on from a troubleshooting perspective...thus making Mac's a platform of almost voodoo-like troubleshooting shenanigans. An example would be...whilst I was typing this paragraph I switched over to another browser Window and helped someone over at Apple's Discussions understand what a "-69 error" is with her iPod.

    The point long as we can finally eliminate the "BSOD legacy" I'd love to have descriptive errors going forward. Smiley