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View Thread: Longhorn back to basics: Error messages that makes sense!
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    I think you could do more community type stuff with the crash data you collect. Well over half of my 21 logged OCA reports say "This error was caused by a device driver" but none of them tell me which one it is. Do I need to start blameing Nvidia, Creative, Via or Microsoft? If I knew which was causeing the problems I could vote with my wallet and choose a different IHV, or at least keep complaining to them till they fix their buggy drivers.(Actually a couple of them do now say "Resolution Found" and blame Nvidia, thanks for that)
     It would be good to see how many other peoples systems crashed with the same error in the same device driver, program or with the same bit of hardware. That way we could have a Hall of Shame feature to highlight the worst offenders.
    I guess Longhorn error reporting will include the complete .Net stack trace, it should be much easier to determine the problems with it that way.

    Any hints on how I can go about troubleshootimg my current problem? I can't get S3 Suspend-to-RAM to work properly. It will go into standby fine, but when I want to wake it up all I get is a screenful of coloured character blocks. Something is not reinitialising right, but what is it? The only thing I can do is reboot, but there is no error report from this. Its a really great feature when it works, it just doesn't seem to go on working for more than a couple of months at a time.

    I've often wondered what people at MS do about performance degredation issues. Most big corperations seem to just re-image the disk at the first sign of trouble. You must have thousands of non techinal users, finance and marketing people etc, what happens when they start to experiance problems? Is there anyone who can work out  why explorer keeps crashing, or why they keep seeing the flashlight waving when they open the control panel? For every problem there must be a solution and a reinstall or image should never be required.
    I hope someone dog-foods longhorn for at least 6 months before it is released, really iron out all the long-term issues that will no doubt arise.