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View Thread: Longhorn back to basics: Error messages that makes sense!
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    Thank you for taking my raving rants seriously Charles. Great to see that someone is listening!

    Charles wrote:

    a process will crash and an exception message will be surfaced by the OS.

    When this happens, what I as a developer or computer admin want to know is the name of the process/program owning the thread that malfunctioned. Or if it's a driver, the name of the driver. If it always reported this it would be so much easier to find out in what end to start looking. The Source: unknowns drive me nuts.

    Charles wrote:

    Typically, things like memory address space allocation/de-allocation, file IO are concepts that do not make a lot of sense to the average user. 

    I agree. But with that somewhat cryptic information they have a basis to start formulating a question to someone who does understand how software works. Turning out "Event ID: 1003 (202)" gives very little clue as to who or what to ask.

    Charles wrote:

    That said, we are working on this problem and with every iteration of Windows thinking about and constructing meaningful error messages, even for the most arcane of exceptions, are always on the radar.

    Heck, I would even settle for a error code -> geekspeak dictionary. Like the event ID database site I mentioned in my first post. As long as it covered just about every event ID there is, and isn't just best guesses by other sysadmins. I assume some of this information is already in the KB. The problem is how to find the appropriate and relevant articles every time.