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View Thread: Longhorn back to basics: Error messages that makes sense!
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    Charles wrote:

    Remember, for exceptions that cause system stability issues, reliability problems, app crash, app hang, etc, when you see the prompt to send the error details to Microsoft you can rest assured that the details of the exception will be read by somebody who really understands what it means. So, keep on sending the data to us!


    I've often wondered about this.  What exactly do you do with these error details?  I am not coming here from a privacy viewpoint or whatever, but more logistically.

    Obviously, Microsoft must get millions of these calls sent to them.  I am presuming that people do not sit down at each issue and work through them like in a call management system or such like.  So what happens?  Are they compiled statistically and then addressed in terms of what is most prevelant or what?  Or some other method?