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View Thread: this absolutely, totally sucks: vs error messages
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    i dont know how often i've seen this in the last 12 months.

    i'm trying to open a form in the forms editor and receive the following message:

    'An error occured while loading the document. Fix the error, and the try loading the document again. The error message follows: ?'

    yeah. sure. error message is: ?.

    of course i haven't even touched the form before. and i have absolutely no idea whats causing this. i was working on a completely different project. 

    i think this one problem alone has used up more of my time than all the other productivity improvements in vs haven given me.

    note: the XmlSerializer also tends to throw exceptions with the wonderful message '?'.

    guys, this really needs to be fixed. and not with some code that might or might not ship in 2005.

    thomas woelfer